Cardiac Care for Survivors


Thanks to the enormous progress in medicine in the last decades, most children with cancer can be cured nowadays. Most former patients are in very good health. However, cancer and its treatment can leave some former patients with mild to severe health problems.

In-depth knowledge of health problems after cancer is the foundation for improving treatment and medical follow-up care. Therefore, it is important to learn more about how childhood cancer survivors are doing health-wise many years after their diagnosis.

Chemotherapy or radiation to the chest area can cause heart problems in some patients, such as heart muscle damage. This can go unnoticed by the patient for a long time, but can be visible in a heart ultrasound. Therefore, it is important to detect these problems at an early stage in order to initiate timely and individualised treatment and consequently maintain heart health.


for Survivors

We would therefore like to invite you to our cardiac follow-up consultation. The examination will take place in the adult hospital where you received your cancer treatment as a child and will take about 2 hours. The examination will be carried out by the heart specialists and will include a heart ultrasound and a cardiovascular stress test. In a short additional study part at the end of the examinations, we will collect general information about your health status in order to gain new insights for the benefit of later generations of childhood cancer survivors.



Andrea Ziƶrjen
Study Nurse
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